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Marketing involves so much more than a logo, but a well-designed logo is a key component to the visual representation of your brand. Here at Imagemark Marketing & Advertising, we stay on top of the current trends to keep your business looking fresh and not forgotten. Here are some of the latest design trends in logo design we are seeing and can help you implement in your branding projects.

The Simple Solution

One common practice in recent years, has been simplifying logos. Since logos are used in such a wide variety of applications, they need to be able to scale up and down without losing elements. The best way to do that is to omit small, intricate details or complex fonts. Minimalist designs are easier to replicate across a variety of sizes and mediums.

Symbolic Typography

An increasing number of companies are turning to text-based logos, using fonts that symbolize the overall theme of their brand. Fonts can contribute to the specific feel of a logo with vintage, bold or elegant qualities. It’s important to select typography that can capture the essence of your brand in the most precise way. At the same time, remember that your logo must stay legible and be easy to distinguish.

Gradient Graphics

Bright colors always draw the eye and logos in a variety of colorful gradients have recently become popular for this reason. They also provide a sense of motion and dimension. It is important to use colors that flow well and will be usable across multiple platforms.

Missing Elements

Recently, many logos have been using letters that seem to fade or disappear. The crossbar from an A or a diagonal line from a K might not be included in the design. It’s like a puzzle for the customer’s brain to complete the image. It is eye-catching but can run the risk of being an illegible logo if not done correctly.

Overlapping Shapes

Logos often use simple geometric shapes, but modern logos frequently have colorful overlapping shapes. Some have two or more of the same shape and some have differing overlapping shapes. These are usually accompanied by a simple font in contrast to the compound shapes.

Negative Space

Shapes can be made around or within a logo using negative space. Negative space refers to the spaces between the letters or design elements. It can be used to create a picture within a picture which is a good way to draw interest.

Fine Lines

Thin lines are a commonly used component when trying to convey a light, delicate impression. It is often used for brands that wish to be thought of as elegant or sophisticated. The only drawback is that these lines can be lost when the logo is resized to fit a smaller space.

Breaking All the Rules

Some logos are effective simply because they run counter to agreed-upon rules of graphic design. People may be attracted to the disorder of how the components are used to make a logo stand out. This can be a tightrope since the rules are typically created to help logos look more balanced or cohesive. Disregarding these guidelines can lead to a messy or hard to understand logo.

The Balancing Act

Modern logos usually utilize a sense of balance, the weight of each piece replicated on both sides of the logo. Some logos take balance even further with a perfectly symmetrical design. Either way, these logos maximize the importance of this element of design.

Monogram Mania

Monograms simplify the logo down to one or two letters. Usually they are enhanced with stacking, use of negative space, or geometric shapes. These simplified designs are ideal for a secondary choice when a space is too small or crowded for a larger logo.

We at Imagemark are incorporating these trends in our designs along with classic elements that are sure to stand the test of time. By incorporating these top trends with classic designs elements, your logo and branding projects can keep your business looking fresh and modern. Keeping your business at the forefront of the consumer’s mind is an ongoing endeavor but a new logo can provide the jump-start your business needs.

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