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Billboards are a funny thing. As a commuter, they can provoke all kinds of reactions. Surprise, annoyance, excitement, confusion and even laughter. Oftentimes, you’re not consciously acknowledging the billboard (as you’re focused on driving, thankfully) but your subconscious may be picking up the message. A couple dozen passes by the same board in a month and now you’ve consciously come to expect that same visual message and any associated reaction.

At Imagemark, we work with you to design the right billboard for your product or service so that it’s eye-catching and memorable.

According to a recent Nielsen study, nearly three-quarters of drivers report actively look at billboards while driving.

Even more compelling, a staggering 42% of drivers reported doing a web search of a brand based on messaging they saw on a billboard or other out-of-home ad.

Location, location, location

Whether you wish to place in a small town or a bustling city, the exact location of your billboard is an important decision when it comes to the effectiveness of your marketing. You’ll want to do some research to determine how many eyes will be on your board in a 24-hour period. In even smaller cities, it’s not uncommon to have hundreds of thousands of impressions on a given day.

Depending on the purpose of the billboard content, the quantity of impressions might not be as important as the location of the board. For instance, if you’re promoting an event in a particular community, it may be more appropriate to place your board near a popular shopping center in that community than on a high-traffic freeway on the outskirts of town.

Wondering how you can make a big impact, fast?

Radio, television and social media can all be turned off. With billboards, you are almost guaranteed to make an impression by at least the driver in the vehicle that passes it, even if it’s just for an instant. You can’t turn off the billboard from your line of sight.

There are some creative ways to make an even bigger splash with billboards. Doing back-to-back billboards can ensure that you capture traffic traveling either direction while a series of billboards induce a double-take effect amongst commuters. Whether the boards are a mirror of each other or a sequence of messages, repetitive boards can be quite effective in getting your message across to commuters and their passengers in an instant.

Billboard decision-making

Placing your billboard is not as easy as it seems – there is more to it than four-by-fours and fancy vinyl. Prices vary based on where the billboard is located, average daily impressions, whether there is lighting or other digital elements involved, the length of the contract and many other factors.

To give a billboard extra ‘umph’, there are options to include lighting and light effects, 3-D elements and even digital aspects, allowing for wording and graphics to change periodically.

Billboards can have simple graphics and with just a few words or be spectacular displays of art and creativity. Your partner at Imagemark will guide you as to whether a billboard is appropriate and what makes sense for your brand and budget, while attaining the most impact.

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