Video Production

Messaging in Motion

Whether you want to spread a message or stir people into action, video is one of the most powerful and persuasive methods of communication available. There’s no denying that video is an integral part of our daily lives. From traditional broadcast television, streaming subscriptions, YouTube and social media, we are faced with video advertising everywhere we look. The sheer amount of video content can be overwhelming. To cut through the clutter, you need video that’s targeted and relevant – this is where Imagemark can help.

Effective video comes in 3 parts.


Creative Production



Build the Perfect Plan

Once you’ve decided to advertise with video, the next step is deciding where your video will be seen. The team at Imagemark can tailor your strategy with the right targeting, tactics and messaging. Whether your video will be used in one place, such as traditional broadcast, or be used across multiple platforms, we help craft a full campaign plan to help you reach your goals.

Creative Production

Create Video Content That Engages Your Audience

Once you have a solid video strategy, you’ll want to decide what kind of spot you want to make. Your commercial can be scripted, with actors and voiceovers, testimonials, photos, motion graphics and animations, or a combination of them all. Because we’ve been creating compelling videos for years, Imagemark can help you through every step of the creative process. From script writing to production and editing, we know how to get to the heart of what your video needs to communicate and achieve. We can even help secure actors, voiceover talent, production crew, and work with you to produce the perfect spot.


Putting It All Into Action

Once your video is created, we’ll handle media placement for your new commercial. Whether your strategy includes traditional television, programmatic video or connected TV, no matter how it’s distributed, we’ll get your video in front of the eyes that matter to you.

Our video production process


Set clear objectives & timeline


Research audience & market


Craft a video strategy


Decide messaging & develop creative idea


Script & storyboard


Film, animate & edit




Measure success

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