Traditional Media

Traditional media is anything but.

Television, radio, print, billboards, and outdoor advertising are all what the advertising world calls "traditional media" placement. These traditional media types have laid the foundation and root work of advertising for decades. Just think about how often you’re exposed to the traditional media; in your car listening to the radio while passing billboards lining the highway; at the doctor’s office reading print magazines before your appointments; at home watching the nightly news on television and checking your mailbox. These events occur on a daily basis and over time can resonate with the consumer, thus achieving the initial awareness goals set at the beginning of many marketing campaigns. 

All of that is why we believe that print, radio, television, direct mail, and outdoor advertising should still be considered when developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Making the most of these channels takes skill. Tapping into their full potential requires a sophisticated strategy, well-thought-out media mix, and superb creative. It’s also necessary to understand how to use them in tandem with, rather than separate from, digital media. The Imagemark team has the right mix of skills, knowledge, and passion needed to help your brand get the most out of its traditional marketing spend.

Our Traditional Media Services


TV remains the dominant player in advertising, with consumers watching more than four hours per day. We plan television media plans for high impact while considering multi-screen behavior.


The reach of radio is remarkable, especially in local markets. If you want to engage nearby consumers, it remains one of the most effective and efficient approaches to drive brand awareness.

Billboards & outdoor

Outdoor advertising continues to have the highest broad reach of all mediums and is best suited for brand awareness campaigns. Explore how billboards can be a strategic part of your campaign.

print & direct mail

Newspapers, magazines, trade journals and direct mail continue to be effective marketing medium. Let us help you precision-target when to use print, alongside crafting the right message and tactile experience.

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