Radio Advertising

Be Heard When It Matters Most

Whether your customer base is local or national, radio advertising remains one of the most dependable ways to reach a wide audience with your unique message. For decades, radio ads have been converting listeners to customers both quickly and affordably. Despite the common belief that radio is now dead and irrelevant to younger generations, radio still has the highest reach across all mediums and age groups, making it an effective brand awareness and campaign amplifier. 

According to Nielsen Media Research radio listener statistics, 88% of Americans listen to terrestrial (AM/FM) radio on a weekly basis. This is approximately 293 million Americans.

Radio advertising made easy

It's morning and your customers are stuck in traffic on their way to work. While streaming music apps, podcasts, audiobooks and satellite radio allow many consumers to bypass local radio, many commuters still tune into their favorite local station for local news, sports, talk and music. This is your opportunity to break through the monotony of rush hour traffic and engage a wide cross section of the general working public.

By partnering with Imagemark, we can help you deliver a precise message with your specific objectives in mind while maintaining and reinforcing your brand. We'll work to understand your objectives, your target audience, and your expectations. Then, we'll develop a strategy that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them. When it comes to execution, we take pride in taking care of all the heavy lifting.

Our Capabilities:

Creative Development

Through ongoing collaboration, we create on-brand strategic content that resonates with viewers and drives them to take action.

Hiring Talent

No matter what sound you are trying to achieve, Imagemark will find the right voices to achieve the perfect tone for your campaign.


From scripts to recording, we handle all the details to put.

Final Editing

Post-production editing is done in-house with pre-approval before placing on media.

Strategic Media Placement & Negotiations

Quality ad content is just one part of the equation when it comes to radio advertising. You also need the right placement to make sure your message is heard. We don’t just create your radio advertisements according to your needs and schedule – we also make sure they’re played exactly where your audience will hear them. We use our industry knowledge and resources to get prime placement for your ads so they start generating results right away. Plus, if your business has brand partnerships, we can help you utilizing available co-op marketing funds.

Delivering your message

Right platform, right station, right audience

As your partner, we evaluate the opportunities to place via traditional radio stations, finding the right stations and programming to connect your message with the right audience. If traditional radio isn’t the best placement for your message, we can also help you place your audio ads on your favorite digital streaming services.

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