Strategic Media Planning & Placement

Media planning and buying can often be a struggle for businesses and marketing professionals. 

Do you need a partner who understands your business goals and can help you map out your marketing strategy? Imagemark Marketing & Advertising prides itself on having provided our clients with successful media placement strategies over the 35 years we’ve been in business. We know that the right media mix can be the differentiator between a lackluster marketing campaign, and a campaign that actually grows your business. Our expertise in all types of advertising media, from traditional to digital, helps us deliver results-oriented media plans that you can count on.

The best creative doesn't work without a solid strategy.

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Great creative works when it reaches the right audiences at the right touch points and a great media plan ensures that you’re in all the right places at exactly the right time. This can require a combination of efforts such as primary and secondary research analysis, planning, analyzing, strategizing and other critical steps to start crafting an effective plan.

Media Buying Tools

Imagemark keeps up to date with today’s market. This allows us to show quantitative results while monitoring data such as reach/frequency and cost per point for a media plan – crucial details for a campaign to be effective.

Negotiating Power

As an agency, we wield tremendous negotiating power due to the volume of media we purchase for our clients throughout the year. These benefits allow us to provide our clients with substantial savings on media placement.

Value-Added Media

A value-added approach to a media plan can pertain to a variety of benefits – rate card discounts, extra TV/radio commercials, a featured write-up in a publication or additional impressions in a digital ad buy. Our clients benefit from our ability to negotiate significant discounts on media value for their campaigns.

Ongoing Media Implementation Assistance

After helping with your initial media plan and purchases, our media planners can continue to update and optimize your placements throughout the campaign, making granular and big-picture modifications to increase awareness and engagement. Plus, our clients are able to capitalize on new opportunities as they arise throughout their campaigns.

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