Is print dead? (No.)

By Amanda Iman

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There's a common misconception that print advertising is dead, but the truth is that it's alive and well!

Print advertising can…

Be more likely to get noticed.

Print ads are a tactile experience, involving sight and touch. As such, they may be more likely to get noticed by consumers. Your attention is drawn immediately to the piece directly in your hands, and you're more apt to pay attention to what's being advertised.In fact, studies have shown that print ads can have a greater impact on consumers than digital ads — especially when it comes to memory retention and recall. In fact, the ability of consumers to physically engage with print materials measurably increases brand recall (77% for print vs 46% for digital).

Be a cost-effective addition to your marketing strategy.

Print can be very cost-effective when compared to other forms of advertising, especially when it's used as part of an overall campaign. Placing an ad in a local newspaper or magazine can cost a fraction of what you'd pay for a television ad — and that's not even considering any additional production costs, which could be significant for TV commercials.

Offer more space for explanation.

Print ads give you room to tell your story with images that get right to the heart of your message — something that's hard to do with other advertising mediums which may be much more limited on timing or space. You still want to draw the viewer in quickly, but if they need a moment to read your text, there’s no ticking clock.

Be a good way to build brand awareness.

Print advertising can do more than just sell products, it can also strengthen a brand's identity by reinforcing its existing message or introducing new products and services. Advertising in a local publication provides a physical reminder of your company's presence in the community. If people see your name in magazines and newspapers in their local area, they'll remember it when they need something from you - whether it's a new restaurant menu item or advice about remodeling their kitchen!

Be used as an effective lead-generation tool.

By offering coupons, discounts or other incentives in your ad, you encourage readers to contact you directly with questions or requests for more information on the product or service being advertised. This allows you to interact with potential customers who might not otherwise have contacted your business without prompting from an ad, gathering valuable information and generating leads.

Takeaway: Print advertising is alive and a viable marketing medium!

Don't listen to the doomsday prophets who are telling you that print is dying—it's not. Print is still a very viable medium for businesses looking to reach their target audience, but it's also a great way to build brand awareness and credibility. There are times when no digital medium can match the power of a well-worded print ad. So, though the temptation may be great, don't be so quick to dismiss print.

Like all forms of marketing, print advertising needs to be done right if you want to see results. Here are 5 tips for making the most of your print ads:

Know your audience.

Use images that draw attention.

Write copy that makes people take action.

Include a clear call-to-action.

Make sure your ad is the right size and shape for your audience's needs.

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Amanda Iman

About the author

Amanda is a graphic designer and marketing professional with over a decade of experience leading design teams and developing marketing strategies from ideation through production. Her wide range of expertise includes logo and branding development, copywriting, print design, digital campaigns, and web design. She finds joy in helping clients engage customers with their brand, products, and stories in compelling new ways.